Why use E10?

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ethanol is significantly less carbon-intensive than fossil fuels such as petrol. Ethanol produced by ePURE members in 2019 reduced emissions by more than 72% compared to fossil petrol. The more ethanol blended in, the better the results.

Increase Performance

Ethanol has benefits for engine performance, including by boosting the octane rating when blended with petrol, allowing the development of more efficient engines. While drivers may notice a slight increase (1-2%) in fuel consumption with the use of E10, this is minor compared to other factors such as vehicle maintenance or driving style.

Make a Difference, Today!

E10 delivers immediate climate-change mitigation without getting a new car. The vast majority of cars built after the year 2000 are compatible with E10 and there is no need to adapt them to take advantage of renewable ethanol’s benefits.

Support European Farmers

Ethanol from ePURE members is made almost entirely from European agricultural feedstock, and its production helps stabilise commodity markets. By using E10 you are helping to provide an important source of income for European farmers.

Want to know how much CO2 could be saved in your country with E10?