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Why should I use E10?

You will be doing your bit for the environment. Using E10 lowers emissions. Please see the Why use E10 page for more details.

What is the difference between E10 and E5 petrol?

The two fuels are the same except for the percentage of ethanol. E5 petrol contains up to 5% ethanol by volume and E10 contains up to 10% by volume.

How can I recognise E10 at the pump?

All fuels are clearly labelled at the pump and on new car tank flaps. For more information visit fuel-identifiers.eu

Can my car use E10?

Almost all new petrol cars can use E10 fuel. To check if your car can use E10, click here.

Can I use E10 in my lawnmower, generator or other petrol powered engine?

There are thousands of different models of mowers and generators. Please check compatibility with your local dealer or on the website of the manufacturer.

Can I use E10 for my boat?

There many different marine engines. Please check compatibility with your local dealer or on the website of the manufacturer.

Should I adapt my driving style using E10?

Whether you drive on E10 or any other fuel, you should always adopt a driving style that saves fuel.

Does ethanol emit less greenhouse gases?

Renewable ethanol produced by ePURE members reduces emissions by more than 72% compared to fossil petrol.

Is the ethanol sold in Europe also made in Europe?

The vast majority of ethanol sold in Europe is made in Europe.

What is ethanol made of?

Ethanol is made from sustainably grown crops, wastes and residues.

Will using ethanol increase food prices?

Production of ethanol has almost no impact on food prices, according to publicly available data. In fact, even as EU biofuels production has increased, global food prices fluctuated more in line with oil prices. In its annual renewable energy progress reports, the European Commission confirms that EU biofuels policy has not led to negative impacts on food prices.

If I fuel my car with E10, can I enter low emission areas?

The different low emissions areas across Europe are mainly based on fuel type and emission norms of your engine. Using E10 does not play a role as yet.

What is E10 not related to?

The fuel type is not related to several other uses of the terms E10, including:

  • The motorway in Northern Sweden and Norway
  • The German type of locomotive
  • The Dutch road sign
  • European long-distance path from Bolzano in Italy to Nuorgam in Finland (quite a hike…)