Can I use E10?

Almost all new cars are compatible

Most post-2000 petrol vehicles have been declared E10-compatible and all modern petrol vehicles have been optimised for E10.

Check if your car can use E10

You should always follow your vehicle manufacturer’s advice on the recommended fuel to use in your car.
In all new cars, this information can be found written on the inside of the fuel flap.
If not there, refer to the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Mowers, generators and other engines

To make sure you can use E10 in other engines such as garden equipment (mowers, whipper snippers) or generators, please check the website of the manufacturer or ask your local dealer.

Marine engines

E10 is generally not recommended for marine engines. Please check if your marine engine can use E10 on website of the manufacturer or ask your local dealer.

Antique cars

Some older cars cannot use E10. Check with your manufacturer.

Small aircraft

Ethanol-blended fuels are not suitable for aircraft.